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There's a package to suit every dog and their family's needs and budget.

Exercise Sessions

We pick up and drop off the dogs in style in our Playnpaws Doggy bus so by the time you get home from work, your dog will be settled and ready to relax with you in the evening. No stress involved, we take care of it all. 

Servicing the following suburbs in Brisbane: 

  • Bulimba
  • Hawthorne
  • Balmoral
  • Morningside
  • Norman Park
  • Seven Hills
  • Coorparoo
  • Camp Hill
  • East Brisbane. 
  • Taragindi

Solo Doggy Walks 

30 minute Walk Time

These sessions are designed specifically for those dogs that require walks separate from other dogs or special one-on-one management. This type of session suits dogs that:

  • are older and enjoy a relaxing stroll
  • are anti-social with other dogs
  • are physically impaired but can still enjoy a stroll
  • are on the mend and require mild exercise for rehabilitation purposes
  • require proper management due to severe behavioural issues

Doggy Adventures 

30 min Adventure Time

Great for owners who prefer walking sessions with a twist. Doggy Adventures are great for dogs to burn some excess energy and calories during the day all whilst satisfying the dogs need for some social interaction (from 4-12 dogs per session) all whilst you're at work. During these Doggy Adventures, the dogs may explore local bush tracks, small beaches and local boardwalks. This session may also include skateboarding and swimming in hotter months if appropriate. These sessions are ideal for:

  • sociable dogs (anti social dog plans available=see reactive dog)
  • high energy dogs 
  • dogs on a weight controlled exercise plan
  • dogs with no major physical impairments
  • dogs with no major behavioural issues or phobias
  • neutered/spayed dogs

Full adventure time including travel ranges from 40 - 90minutes. Guaranteed at least 30 minutes adventure time of walking. 

Doggy Parktrips 

45 min Daytrip time in Park

These Doggy Daytrips involve a trip to a local dog park in an air conditioned vehicle with other social dogs (from 4-12 dogs per session). This session can run any where from 1 hr to 3 hrs (including travel time) and will vary depending on the number of pick ups, location of park and order of pick up and drop off. This is a high energy, high calorie burning, super fun session. May include skateboarding and swimming. This session best suits:

  • sociable dogs (anti social dog plans available)
  • high energy dogs
  • dogs on a weight controlled exercise plan
  • dogs with no major physical impairments
  • dogs with no major behavioural issues or phobias
  • neutered/spayed dogs
  • dogs that are indifferent to being physically maneuvered and handled. 

Basic park etiquette, general good manners are taught and implemented during sessions as well as a reliable sit stay, wait command and group recall. Playnpaws Trainers and Handlers also monitor the session for any unwanted behaviour that could lead to unnecessary conflict and discourse during the session. 

Full daytrip time including travel time ranges from 60 - 180 minutes. Guaranteed at least 45 minutes of exercise in the park. 

NB. Playnpaws have never lost a dog, had any major accidents or major dog fights among Playnpaws dogs during the course of their business due to the systems the Trainers have put in place.

Come and socialise with us on our Facebook Playnpaws Page where all session reports, including photos are posted. So come see what the Playnpaws doggies get up to everyday and don't forget to 'Like' us.

  • Doggy Daytrips
  • $33*
  • A trip to a local dog park with other social dogs (may include swimming and skateboarding). 30-45mins of exercise and ranges from 1-3hrs of total outing time (includes travel).
  • $33 per dog- 1hr +
  • Additional $12 per extra dog per household
  • *Price includes GST
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  • Doggy Adventures
  • $22*
  • A walk with other social dogs (up to 6 dogs per handler)
  • $22 per dog - 30 minutes
  • Additional $11 per extra dog per household
  • *Price includes GST
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Playnpaws Trainers are all NDTF qualified and accredited Trainers who have both experience and knowledge based on the latest scientifically proven methods and techniques to assist in helping you achieve your goals for your dog. Servicing whole of Brisbane except for Reactive Dog Program.

Playnpaws also run Precise K9 Dog Training Dog Training for severe behaviour problems. 

Reactive Dog Program 

For Dogs who are reactive: 

  1. On a leash 
  2. To other dogs 
  3. To humans

We work with the dog one-on-one and then slowly integrate them into a social environment utilising counter-conditioning/desensitization methods. We then work with the clients at home so we can successfully integrate the dogs new skills at home and in other environments. 

This is our most popular training services and have a very high success rate. Due to the amount of resources and management involved, we only permit one dog through the program at a time. 

The length of the program depends on the dog, the owner and other variables. 

Puppy Socialization and Confidence Building Sessions 

Playnpaws Puppy programs are designed to work in with your busy working and family schedule during this important period of your puppies development. The puppy's are taken out by a trainer during the day whilst the owner is at work. The puppy should ideally start as soon as possible and intakes are from age 6-12 weeks and run until the puppy is approximately 20 weeks old. The aim is to positively expose the puppy to as many new things and environments as possible using low level exposure. Sessions may include exposure to loud noises, machinery, lawn mowers, other animals, water and the beach, children and people, vehicles, riding in vehicles, and other dogs.

This session is ideal for those new puppy owners who:

  • have taken their puppy for their first round of vaccinations (C3).
  • have a puppy aged 6-12weeks old 
  • have an energetic puppy that needs stimulation during working hours
  • lack knowledge or confidence in desensitization, habituation and counter-conditioning techniques
  • working couples who are time poor
  • live in an apartment or townhouse as can double as toilet breaks for their puppy
  • just want their puppy to become a more happy, confident dog

Private In-home Consultations

The In-home consultations are suitable for dog owners seeking one-on-one professional help for their dogs with a range of problems extending from minor to major issues .These issues may include dogs who; 

  • are destructive and are unmanageable around the home
  • have severe pulling on the lead and/or leash re-activity whilst on walks
  • have separation anxiety whilst owners are away
  • have aggression toward humans, other dogs or other animals. 
  • have no boundaries and structure around the house  
  • need toilet training 
  • resource guard (food, toys,...etc).
  • are overly dominant within the family unit
  • are insecure, anxious or fearful 
  • excessively bark 
  • obedience (both pet and precision obedience)

The number of sessions can vary depending on the severity of the issue and the owners ability to successfully implement and grasp the training techniques. On average most minor-moderate issues need 2-4 follow-up sessions at 1 week intervals. More sessions are required for severe behavioural problems, also at 1 week intervals.

Behaviour Modification Live-in Programs

These programs are designed to kick start your dogs rehabilitation toward a more happy, confident dog that is able to be integrated more successfully into the family unit. These programs are specifically designed for dogs with severe behavioural issues such as dogs who;

  • like to chase bikes/vehicles/cats/or other small animals
  • have severe aggression toward humans, other dogs or other animals
  • are severely insecure, anxious or fearful
  • have severe resource guarding

After the program the trainer will do a hand over session with the owner to ensure the dogs progress obtained whilst in the program can be implemented and transitioned into the family environment. Further follow-up sessions may be required. 

All report sessions for all training sessions and consults are posted to Playnpaws Facebook forum where the owner can review the session and any improvements or milestones met by their dogs.

  • Puppy Socialisation & Confidence Building Sessions
  • $30
  • 30 min sessions
  • Apply Now
  • Reactive Dog Program
  • $35
  • A successful program to help reduce and extinguish reactivity in dogs. Cost per 30 minute session
  • $70 a week (2x 30 minute sessions)
  • $70 + gst for private lessons on conclusion of program
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  • Private In-Home Consultations
  • $150
  • $150 initial 1 1/2hr consult
  • $80 - 60 min follow-up consults
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  • Behaviour Modification Live-in Programs
  • $350
  • Designed to kick start your personalised training plan for you, your family, and dog
  • $350 + GST - 1 week program
  • $600 + GST - 2 week program
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Heather & Jeremy say "Hey Tammy, I know it's way past business hours so apologies for bugging you but I finally got to check out your fb posts of Jez and what can I say? So so amazing! I know he's still really behind in confidence stakes but far out! He's resting his chin on your boys leg!? It's crazy, you've got no idea how amazing this is to see, I/Jeremy need to keep working with you!...Yes, he's definitely a mixed up boy and can be dangerous but I just wanted you to know you have achieved more than anyone in such a short time, it's awesome. You deserve a medal so far!" - Greenslopes, Brisbane


About Us

Playnpaws has been running for 5 years and is managed and owned by qualified NDTF Head Dog Trainer and Obedience Instructor Tammy Peters and her team of talented Handlers and Trainers.

Tammy and her team have an authentic passion and love for dogs. Playnpaws' driving motivation and goal is to improve the lives of dogs and the lives of their families. Their dedication to service and professionalism have made them stand apart from the competition. 

Tammy saw a lack of skills and knowledge in both the Dog Training and Dog Walking industry in Brisbane and decided it necessary to fill the void. All Trainers have attained accreditation through National Dog Trainers Federation (the only Nationally Recognised Dog Trainers Certification Program in Australia) which methods are the latest in scientifically proven techniques. Furthermore, all Handlers have gone through an internal training induction program which teaches basic dog behaviour, some basic obedience techniques, and basic pet first aid. 

Playnpaws is proud of the fact that they have never had a lost dog, a dog fight, or a dog injury during the course of their business. This is due to what Tammy believes are necessary rules and procedures put in place to ensure all parties are kept safe.